Philosophy/ Mission

It is the purpose of Little Red Nursery School to provide children with a loving, safe, environment that will set the stage for emotional, social and intellectual growth. Let us provide your child with a world small enough to know and large enough so that they can learn. A reason for doing things and reasons for not doing things. But most of all, let us show them how to do things their own and make them feel good about themselves. This all done in a developmentally appropriate program where the children are encouraged to discover, explore and create in a stimulating and enriched environment.


Little Red is registered with the State Education Department. Monthly themes as well as many extracurricular teacher activities are integrated into the curriculum. All educational themes are presented in a manner that promotes student involvement, this has been proven to be the most effective way for preschoolers to learn.

Universal Pre-K

Little Red is an approved Universal Pre-K site that is aligned with the New York State learning standards and ensures continuity with instruction in the early elementary grades and is integrated with the district's instructional program in kindergarten through grade 12.
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  • Orientation

    Join Us on Friday August 9th 7:00pm

  • Orientation

    See you on Friday August 9th 7:00pm

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